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Husband O'Mine

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The wonderful man who makes me want to be a better person


Handsome and I met one night during karaoke.  I know, it sounds like the beginning of a joke.  I was singing "Travelin' Soldier" and he happened to be in the bar.  Quite a coincidence, really, considering his house was about an hour away.  He was in my neighborhood visiting his dad and they stopped in the little local tavern to have a beer one weekend evening.  He says he spotted me across the room; I don't know for sure.  I started singing and he was smitten!  He told his dad that he had to meet "that girl!"  His dad said, "What?  She's only 18!"  (I was slightly older than that!)  Handsome ended up taking his dad home, coming back to the tavern and introducing himself to me.  The they say... is history!

Montana - May 2005

Alan Jackson concert

Our first date was a post-wedding reception for a couple of Handsome's friends who had gotten married in Vegas.  It was a great party, but totally nerve-wracking because it was my opportunity to meet ALL of Handsome's friends at once.  I mean, I hadn't even gone out with him all by himself and here I was meeting the entire gang.  But they are all such cool people, it was just fine!  We played volleyball, listened to music and talked and got to know each other.  It was a great night and I decided there would definitely be a second date.


We started out dating long-distance.  He lived in Loveland which is 45 minutes away from my house.  So, it was like being in high school again, talking on the phone for hours.  Before long, though, Handsome saw less and less of his house in Loveland.  He became a more permanent fixture at my condo; he even won the kitties' hearts.

Handsome seemed like a down-home, honest, salt of the earth type of guy.  Totally not my type, right?  I mean, he was NICE to me, and he told me all the time that he thought I was BEAUTIFUL and SMART and FUNNY...  So I let myself fall in love with him and I've never been the same since!

Shipwreck crew - February 2005

Handsome's friends own an excavating company which was a sponsor of bull-riding in Berthoud.  Our friend Chad is crazy enough to participate in bull-riding and so we would go up north to watch.  The whole "Shipwrecks" crew created a big convoy up to Berthoud to watch Chad go after his 8 seconds.  I think the longest he lasted was between 5 and 6, but it was always a sight to watch him on one of those big old bulls!


Handsome and I got engaged in February 2005.  We took a trip 2 weeks AFTER the engagement to Las Vegas, where I attended the Women of Faith national conference.  It was funny because Handsome's mother flew out to Vegas at the same time, thinking we were going to get married on the sly!  I said no, Vegas weddings weren't my style, but I'm glad she was there to hang out with Handsome while I was in the coliseum with the WOF conference.  It was a little weird, having "Mom" in town while we were, but she wasn't a nuisance or anything so it wasn't too bothersome.  Handsome didn't win the big bucks, either, so we ended up having to fly back to Denver and go to work on Monday.


That first year together we saw a lot of concerts, I mean A LOT.  We went to Toby Keith with Terri Clark, Sara Evans with Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley and George Strait, Pat Green and Gretchen Wilson with the totally adorable Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw with the lovely Faith Hill, and Big & Rich who rocked Cheyenne.


We went to a Busch series race at the Pikes Peak International Raceway.  Wow, was that loud!  Handsome is a die hard Michael Waltrip fan, God bless him.  Poor Waltrip hasn't done much lately but maybe this will be his year.  The little racetrack down in Colorado Springs hosted its last race in 2005 and we were part of history.  We enjoyed the atmosphere so much that we made plans to go to a real Nascar race in Martinsville, Virginia that fall.

We visited my girlfriend Celia and her husband Bronson in Raleigh, North Carolina in October 2005.  It was really important to me that Celia meet Handsome and vice versa.  The great thing was that they instantly liked each other and had the other laughing in no time.  That was huge for me, because of course I love Celia and Bronson, and of course I love Handsome, so to have them click on their own was AWESOME!