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The little black purrball who could


I got Obi from the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance in December of 2003.  He was just 12 weeks old and climbed right out of the cage to crawl into my arms.  I was hooked.  He had been found on the road at 5 weeks and was all by himself.  Since he has lived with me, he's grown like a weed and become more obnoxious every day.


Oh Marigold was not happy to have a baby brother at first!  She would hiss at him and swat him with her paw.  After a week or so, she realized he was here to stay.  So she just settled for giving him the cold shoulder... Until she found out she could play with him, chase him and just hiss when he got too close. 
Obi just loves Marigold.  He's grown on her, too.  She would give him baths, chase him, sleep with him and be both a mama and playmate.  It was very cute.

Obi came to me with the name "Toby".  I have a friend who just got a dog with that name so I renamed him Obi.  "Obi" comes from the African language of Igbo.  Although abbreviated, Obi means "heart/mind of a strong brave man".  This kind of cracks me up because Obi is such a goofball, he's hardly the picture of a strong/brave cat.