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Home Sweet Home

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Holy moley, what a project!  Buying a house and remodeling it with your husband is not a task to be undertaken lightly!

Handsome and I bought a house at the end of July, 2007.  The house is a ranch style with a full basement, 2 car garage and a huge backyard.  We loved it.  It wasn't trashed, exactly, but it definitely needed a facelift.

The living room and kitchen areas are right next to each other.  There was a 3/4 wall with cabinets separating the two rooms and it made each room feel really small.  So, one night shortly into our new homeowner era, we decided the 3/4 wall needed to come down.  And that's how it all started!

So we started swinging hammers and prybars and generally getting out all the agression that was sure to follow in the weeks to come.  It's amazing how quickly a room can be reduced to a bunch of studs you can see through.  We tore off the cabinets from all the walls, moved the stove/oven to the front porch (y'all, we definitely brought redneck to the neighborhood!) and basically, we made a big ol' mess.

I had a few girlfriends come over and help paint the bedrooms, the office and the bathroom.  No kidding, the master bedroom was this crazy loud obnoxious how-could-anybody-possibly-sleep-in-it  BLUE.  Paul thought if we could just paint an orange stripe along the walls, we'd be full on Broncos aficianados.  I said no.  Meanie that I am!  All the walls now have some color on them.  It's awesome!

More to come . . . stay tuned!