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My favorite lesson in Living in the Moment

Michael and I met on July 12, 2002.  I was at a mixer at Mattie's House of Mirrors and was winding down (it was 10 p.m.) when I looked across the room and spotted him.  I asked Kerry "who's THAT?" and Kerry said, "That's my friend, Mike.  Go introduce yourself."  So I did.  I walked over to Michael and stuck out my hand and said "Hi, you're cute, I'm Amy."  And he smiled and said "Hi, I'm Michael.  I've got a sister named Amy."  So we talked for like a minute and then my friend John, who was walking me to the train, was ready to go (timing, huh?).  So I told Mike he should call me, but neither of us had paper nor pen so I borrowed his phone and punched in my phone number.  He called me at 1:00 am to say good night and he would be talking to me soon.  =)
We talked again the next afternoon.  I was on the boat with my mom and her husband and I called him from there.  Ah, I love being wireless.  The scoop:  Michael had lived in Denver for six months after being transferred from Minnesota, where he lived after being transferred from Wisconsin.  He worked for Verizon, my phone company (coincidence #1).  He said he was going to a party that night (to which I was invited but didn't realize it until too late) and we wouldn't be able to see each other that day.  And he's been pretty busy because he was moving.  Moving?  Like, across town?  Ah, no.  To Vancouver.  Vancouver?  Like Washington?  No, actually British Columbia.  Ah, well, I heard it was beautiful up there.  When?  Oh, two weeks.  TWO WEEKS???  How am I supposed to convince this man that we're meant to be together in only two weeks?
Oh, so that's my mission, should I choose to accept it.  And I chose to accept it!  I didn't know it but it was going to be the craziest most fun whirlwind of a fling romance I'd ever experienced!
We met again in person on Tuesday, he came downtown for lunch.  I recognized him right away, even though his appearance was fading from my memory of that first night.  He was cute!  I had forgotten how handsome...  We had a good lunch and talked the whole way through, we people-watched and commented on them, we shared a lot of the same views on different ideas and occurrences.  We clicked.  It was easy, and fun, and I looked forward to doing it all over again real soon!  He walked me back to my office and said that he canceled his meeting for that night and would call me after his bike ride.  Then he hugged me, and he smelled good, and I hugged him back.
That night, by a bizarre set of circumstances, I ended up in the town of Morrison with my neighbor, Patti.  I was sitting in the backseat of her car in the parking lot of something, and my phone rang.  Michael was calling me to tell me he was in Morrison (coincidence #2).  I said, WOW!  So am I!  Where are you?  So we found him, finally, and the three of us went to a bar in town and played pool.  He's pretty good at pool, too.

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