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Welcome to Amy's Page

These are my favorite musicians, actors, authors and their songs, albums, movies and books.


By far my favorite group, these are the Indigo Girls. They just played a music festival in downtown Denver where I got to hear them again. This soulful duo has been a favorite of mine for over a decade and I'm thrilled they're still developing new music and putting out new albums.

Click here to visit the Indigo Girls' website!

My favorite songs from the Indigo Girls are Southland in the Springtime, Girl with the Weight of the World in Her Hands, Ghost, Joking, Least Complicated, Mystery, River, Left Me a Fool, Galileo, Philosophy of Loss, their remake of Midnight Train to Georgia...

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I have most of the Indigo Girls cds and videos, whenever I think I have them all I find some obscure European cd that I didn't own... I think they really like Denver. Their 2000 tour ended at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver and they started the 2001 tour at our Botanic Gardens the day before the LODO music festival. They filmed the interviews for the Watershed video at Red Rocks Ampitheater and I think this community is real supportive of their work.

Click here to read a really cool article the Boulder, CO paper wrote about the Girls!

I probably watch too much tv. It's okay, I admit it. Sometimes life is too crazy in reality, so I just curl up on the couch and let my make-believe world take over. I was raised watching tv, being sat down in front of one to watch and learn from Sesame Street, the Electric Company and 321 Contact from the un-ripe young age of a 18 months. Ah, but if it weren't for Sesame Street, I would never have learned Spanish. If it weren't for the Electric Company, I'd not known how electricity or fortune cookies were produced! So there are a lot of educational programs on the air today, but I'm not going to write about them here. These are my favorite comedies and the most educational I've got here is my favorite cooking show.


Where I live, I can watch Friends twice daily and 3 times on Thursdays. I know, I'm either a true fan or just pathetic. But for the money these folks are making, I want to see them over and over and over again. My favorite character is Phoebe, I wish that I could be that flighty and funny and still be grounded in my beliefs and ideas. Photo copyright nbc 2001.


I love Will & Grace! (And Jack and Karen too!) They are too funny! I am so glad that the gay community is getting more airtime. About time! I love the format of the show and how opinions are expressed without slamming anyone, it's all open and honest and just hysterical. If you've never watched this show, for whatever reason, tune in one Thursday night, you won't regret it! Photo copyright nbc 2001.


Emeril, my favorite Portuguese chef. Tune into his shows "Emeril Live" and "The Essence of Emeril" on The Food Network. He inspires me. He's here with Mario from another show, "Mario Eats Italy" on the same network. Photo copyright Food Network, 2001.

This is my future husband, Matthew McConaughey. He is such a talented actor, and not too shabby on the looks, either!


The first time I saw Matthew in a movie (Dazed and Confused) I was in love. I thought, wow, listen to that sweet Texas drawl. He's just my type, with those blue eyes and blonde hair. His movie experience has grown vastly over the past decade. My favorites are A Time to Kill, EdTV, Contact, The Newton Boys, Dazed and Confused, U-571, The Wedding Planner and Amistad, to name just a few.

I love his independence, his charm, how he can play the bongos naked in his own home and make national headlines. He gives me a whole new perspective of Texas! I know there are a million fan clubs out there for him, I just wanted to share my own little tribute to one of my favorite actors in film today.



By far, the BEST morning show in Denver, the Dom and Jane show on Mix 100 fm.  Please click on the picture to go to their website.

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