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Welcome to Amy's Page


So glad you could stop by! Please look around and come back often. Thanks for visiting!

"To the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world."

I am an avid animal lover, hence the big kitty around the border of this page. Isn't it cute? I have a page devoted to my furbaby MARIGOLD on this site. I just got a new kitten, too! His name is OBI, he's black with a white milk spot on his neck and big ears! He's CUTE! I'll put his pictures up as soon as I develop them.

I also love music, all kinds. Venture onto the Entertainment page and see if we like the same kinds of tunes.

Oh, and I love to cook! I'll post my favorite recipes on one of these pages. Feel free to email me yours, I'll post them, too!


Much thanks goes to my mother who inspired me to make this site and continues to inspire me every day.


In this day and age it seems everyone has a website. Making this one was so easy, I can understand why! I used ivillage's WebSite Builder and it was a snap. Thinking of what to put on this site is like a painter with a blank canvas. We'll see how artistic I can get.

"You'd think with all my growth experiences...I would be taller"
copyright dane josef 2001

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Definitely come back often. As I get more pictures scanned, I'll be adding them to this site. Sign the guestbook, learn a little about this girl in Colorado, and who knows where that can lead?

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